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Rudolf Horns

Bleach vs Naruto: Comparing the Two Iconic Shonen Series

R1: Base Form Naruto (Shippuden 1st Arc) vs Base Form Ichigo (1st Arc) -> Could go either way but Naruto has a higher chance of winning due to Clones and Rasengan Spam, as long as the real naruto does not run straight forward and attack ichigo then naruto wins this mid diff at best, this Ichigo has similar if not superior physicals to early Shippuuden Sakura.

All the other bleach games are for Japan only. Why is it that only these two bleach games are for world wide and the other bleach game are for Japan only? There is 16 bleach game in total but only 2 bleach games are world wide the and 14 bleach games only for Japan only.

bleach vs naruto

This is a completely different question I am asking about bleach. I don't know why its not even out in USA. There is only two game of bleach available for both USA and PAL but the other 14 are for Japan only.

haha ^-^. I tend to love them both :D. Anyway thank you for your rating and that im just letting you know that it isn't quite finished yet :D. In the very near future I will add it into him. I mean, who could forget such a signature item from bleach? ^-^. Thank you again :D


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