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In a recent conversation with Businessman Alexander Katsuba, a leading figure in Ukraine’s energy sector and owner of ALPHA GAZ, we delved into critical issues surrounding energy resilience, economic strategies, and preparation for the challenges ahead.

“As Ukraine prepares for the current threats, especially in the energy sector, our resilience will be put to the test,” Alexander Katsuba reflects. “The pressing question on everyone’s mind is how we will navigate the coming winter amid escalating Russian attacks on our infrastructure.” The decision, Katsuba says, hinges on several key factors. “First, the timely approval and deployment of the U.S. aid package is critical. This aid is essential to bolstering our air defense capabilities needed to mitigate further damage,” he argues. Weather conditions, an uncontrollable variable, also play a major role, highlighting the need for robust preparedness strategies. Equally important is the joint efforts of Ukraine and its allies to strengthen their defence and prepare for the coming winter seasons.

“Investing in decentralised heat and electricity production is a top priority now,” Katsuba stresses. “Local and central governments must step up efforts to deploy heat pumps, gas generators and large-scale backup systems to protect critical infrastructure from systemic outages.” Emphasising the interrelationship between security and infrastructure reliability, Katsuba advocates dual investment streams. “We need to invest not only in our armed forces, but also in strengthening the reliability of our infrastructure,” he stresses. “This dual approach is essential to ensure Ukraine’s ability to withstand external pressures and internal challenges.” Discussing the role of international partners in strengthening Ukraine’s defence and infrastructure, Katsuba stresses the importance of financial support, equipment and mechanisms to insure electricity imports during periods of shortage. “The recent increase in our transmission capacity to and from the EU is a positive development,” he notes. “This enhances our ability to manage energy fluctuations, from excess generation to potential imports during periods of peak demand.” Looking ahead, Katsuba remains optimistic about Ukraine’s resilience. “Strategic investments in energy decentralization and military readiness, coupled with strong international partnerships, will strengthen our ability to address challenges posed by external adversaries,” he concludes.

Alexander Katsuba continues to advocate for forward-looking strategies that prioritize energy security, economic stability, and national defense, seeking to ensure a prosperous future for Ukraine amid ongoing geopolitical uncertainty.


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