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Buy Couple Promise Rings for partners on the internet

Partner rings are also known as promise rings, couple bands and promise rings. They symbolize the love couples have for each their partner. The rings can be gifted as a present anytime and are a symbol of commitment. They range from intricate diamond rings to yellow gold knot rings. Select a design that reflects your personal style and your personal love story.

Find out more about partner rings

A partner ring is a type of ring that represents the special and unique bond between two couples. Partner rings are given to symbolize a long-lasting relationship and a promise to remain in love in the future. In a way they are engagement rings since they are presented prior to marriage. Ring exchanges can be a sign of the future of marriage or indicate that you are committed to each other.

The meaning of a promise ring could differ from couple to couple and can be anything from a symbol of mutual commitment to suggesting an engagement or marriage in the near or far future. It's best if you and your partner decide together what the significance of a promise ring is for both of you. A promise ring can be a reference to:

That your relationship is evolving and you'd like to show how important you are to one another.

You're in love, but you don't want to be legally engaged just yet. Distance is separating you (e.g. in relationships that span a long distance) But you want to prove that you are still committed to each other.

Anything else that's important to you. A promise ring may have a special meaning for you and your partner. It may be a reminder of a milestone or achievement in your relationship, or if you wish to show your affection for each other. If your promise ring is a symbol of special meaning, you can have a special message engraved on the ring to remind you of your vow and commitment to one another.

What finger should the promise ring be placed on?

Promise rings can be worn anyplace on the hand. There is no "right" finger or hand for an ring that is a companion ring. It's best to wear your band on the finger that feels most comfortable for you. Some people wear their rings for promise on the left finger for the ring. This is the most popular way to wear a partner ring. Some prefer wearing it on the right finger to avoid confusing it with an engagement ring.

What does a partner ring look like?

Promise rings are usually smaller and less extravagant than engagement rings. They are usually made of precious metals like gold and silver. Many engagement rings come with diamonds and many other precious gemstones. The majority times they are smaller and less apparent than the diamonds that are in an engagement ring. They have a more subtle appearance. Some promise rings do not have any distinctive design features and have a basic appearance, much like a wedding band.

Diamonds can be used to create engagement rings and other rings for couples.

Some promise rings can also be made into a Claddagh ring. This is an old-fashioned Irish style featuring a heart and crown with two hands, which represents love and loyalty as well as friendship. Rings that match are usually smaller and less noticeable than engagement rings. Diamonds are a popular choice, however they are typically smaller or set as a group of stones rather than a single stone. Rings with gemstones also are very popular. As with other wedding and engagement rings there are no "rules" regarding the most desirable metals, and anything from sterling silver to rose gold is very popular.

When to Give an appropriate Ring

The idea of giving a matching ring to your spouse isn't so intimidating as giving them an engagement ring. But, it's still a significant and memorable moment for any couple. There aren't any rules when it comes to giving your partner a matching ring and it's a easy process. Rings can be exchanged at any time in a relationship. Sometimes couples date for up to a year prior to exchanging rings. Overall, they're an obvious sign of commitment in the relationship, no matter what you are planning for the future.

How to make a promise ring

When giving a promise-ring you don't need to plan anything elaborate like you would with an engagement ring. But you are able to if want. A lot of couples exchange rings for an anniversary gift, Valentine's Day or birthday.

Many couples talk about the significance of a promise ring exchange and what makes it unique. It is also possible to discuss the significance of the promise ring for you, and how much you cherish about your partner's relationship.

Some people like to recite their partner’s favorite song lyrics or poems or even say certain phrases. It's your choice. You know your partner better than anyone else, so you are the best judge as to what to say. If you're not confident in making a statement off the bat and you're worried that you're nervous, you should do some preparation and practice. The way you present a ring to your partner is entirely up to you. You can come up with something elaborate and unique if you believe your partner will appreciate it.

The differences between engagement rings and partner rings

The difference between a partner ring and an engagement ring is in the meaning of the ring. A ring for a partner, on the other hand is given to signify the commitment of a couple and is not used to get married.

When you gift (or receive) an engagement ring, it is signalling that you are planning to get married. After receiving the ring you and your partner are likely to begin planning your wedding.

A partner ring is much more symbolic. The ring is not one for weddings and has no meaning. The ring may represent a commitment, friendship, a pre-engagement or relationship milestone, or any other personal significance.

Promise rings are typically less elaborate than engagement rings.


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